Online forms, workflow and approval

  • Provide your customers with Forms online
  • Reduce costly paper handling and manual processing overheads
  • Reduce errors and improve accuracy by having pre filled forms

Don't leave onboarding to snail mail...

Our video demonstrates how you can lose good candidates if you leave onboarding to snail mail.

Calculate the cost of your paperwork...

Input estimated form usage volumes in your business to calculate annual cost savings through using Revolve.

"Affirm’s sophisticated onboarding solution has transformed the way we onboard staff. We’re thrilled to have it in place and working efficiently before the busy Christmas period." - Christie Lockyer, Senior HR Consultant, Billabong

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Onboard Express is a web based solution that converts all paper based processes into efficient web based ones. It allows you to electronically issue customisable letters of offer, forms and policy documents, allowing candidates to easily review and approve them digitally, using mobile PIN security. See How It Works.

About Affirm Software Group

Affirm Software Group ('Affirm') specialises in eForms, document and contract management software and services.

We have developed vertical market product solutions in HR onboarding, wealth management, finance origination and are working on tailored solutions in superannuation and funds management. However, our product can be applied to any industry where document processing is an issue. Download Corporate Brochure

Tailored Solutions

Using Revolve's powerful features and extensive functionality we are able to develop eForms solutions for any business process that involves forms, applications or documents, turning your manually intensive paper flow process into an highly efficient eForms business workflow. To learn more about Revolve's tailored solutions click here.