Quickly create PDS and other forms online

  • Turn-key straight-through processing

    Automate end-to-end processing of forms from inception to settlement

  • Save time filling in forms

    Get your forms completed 85% faster and easier

  • Reduce errors in your forms

    Eliminate errors and reduce double handling

Never manually fill in a form again

Financial planners tell us they waste a lot of time filling in forms - often filling in the same information over and over again. Old forms are accidentally used, or errors made to forms which have to then be reproduced. Revolve auto-populates any form with core reuse data, which dramatically save planners time, money and eliminate mistakes.

Revolve also allows your members to efficiently produce forms online with inbuilt fund allocation validations for fast tailored forms completion.

The software also provides the benefits of straight-through processing (STP), enabling automated end-to-end processing of forms from inception to settlement for fund managers and super administrators. This will streamline your systems and reduce double handling.

Auto fill any form
Never type or handwrite information that you have in your client management system
Track the History
You will always know what is happening with any form.
Store signed copies without filing.
Fax or Scan any document into Revolve and we will recognize it and file it in the right place.
AML checks
Anti money Laundering compliance with an integrated 'KYC' check for anyone on the form.

What do our clients say?

"Affirm Software have demonstrated that they can integrate with in-house and ASP systems to pre-populate forms. The potential for time savings is significant."

Geoff Gray, Director of Business and Compliance

Auto fill any form. Eliminate mistakes.

Revolve Wealth Management auto-fills any form to save you time and eliminate mistakes. Revolve integrates with CRM systems like COIN and XPlan so you can extract your customer data and auto populate multiple forms and documents. It also allows your financial planners to work more closely with front office staff to produce consistent, professional forms quickly.

Save time filling in forms.

By substantially reducing product disclosure and application form drafting times, experienced financial planners spend less time on busy work and more time on higher value business activities.


I'm a Dealer Group ...

  • Implement an online tool for your planners, requiring no capital outlay
  • Save your planners time filling in forms
  • Track product utilisation

Better service your financial planners

If you are looking to differentiate your business and better service your financial planners, Revolve for Wealth Management is the answer.

Revolve will automate the creation, tracking and storage of forms online for you and your planners.

The system allows you to centralise the storage of all forms online for easy viewing and reporting.

I'm a Fund Manager ...

  • Speed up transaction handling
  • Provide your forms online for no capital outlay
  • Reduce errors and doubling handling

Reduce doubling handling through straight through processing

Revolve provides the benefits of straight through processing (STP), enabling automated end-to-end processing of forms and documents from inception to settlement. This will streamline your systems and reduce double handling.

STP through Revolve will enable completion of forms quickly and efficiently, saving your introducers' valuable time and money. You can also review metrics about abandonment rates and spend your spare time looking at ways to reduce these statistics.


Save hours per customer

Revolve is already being used by financial planners, saving them hours per customer.

Revolve connects to most industry standard CRM platforms and databases, allowing them to reuse the data in their systems to auto populate forms.

Enables compliance to AML requirements

Revolve can manage your record keeping challenges, such as enabling compliance to the latest anti money laundering (AML) legislative requirements.

Only pay for what you use

Revolve is a secure, pay as you go, web based solution that requires no upfront software license costs. You only pay for what you use.

Enables compliance to AML requirements

The system also assists with your record keeping challenges, such as enabling compliance to the latest anti money laundering (AML) legislative requirements through keeping a full record of all information in one location.

Monitor progress of applications online

If you are looking to quickly acquire new clients, monitor progress of applications, eliminate errors and doubling handling of forms, then Revolve for Wealth Management from Affirm Software offers an online solution with no capital outlay.


Revolve Wealth Management Features

  • Form creator

    Pre populate forms, product disclosure statements or new blank forms

  • Searching and retrieving

    Search and retrieve all forms stored online quickly

  • Document History

    Full history and audit trail of all changes and edits made to forms

  • Fax, email and scanning

    Ability to fax, email and scan all forms into the system

  • Systems integration

    Integrate to XPlan and COIN and most systems with an open API

  • Custom branding

    Revolve can look like an internal system to align with any system branding requirements

  • Automate forms using PDF

    PDF forms can be used as the basis for forms templates as a rich interactive form online

  • 7 year storage

    Automatic filing of all scanned and signed forms online to comply with auditing requirements

  • Document Sharing

    Allow multiple parties to review, edit and approve forms

  • Version control

    When a change is made to a field within a form, Revolve automatically updates every occurrence of that field in all document groups in which it appears